Joining WRCT happens in four easy steps:

  1. Contact the Training Director.

    Tell the Training Director you are interested in joining the station. You'll need to provide contact information (name, phone, email, etc.) and what you're interested in doing (DJing, producing live shows, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Engineering, etc.).

  2. Read the Manual.

    Obtain a copy of the WRCT Manual, and read it. Within, you'll find almost everything you need to know about the station, at least, everything you can find out without actua lly doing anything.

  3. Take, and pass, the written test.

    There is a written test based some of the simple factual information in the manual (for example, what is a legal ID?). You will need to pass (rather, ace) this test in order to complete the training process. The purpose is to encourage people to actually read the manual, but also to demonstrate that some of the information is important to be able to simply recite. It is not a difficult test, but it is important.

  4. Contact the director of the department you want to join.

    At this point, you're a WRCT member, but you aren't doing much. The next step is getting involved in what you wanted to do at the station in the first place. For example, if you wanted to DJ, you contact the Program Director, if you wanted to produce live shows, it'd be the Production Director, etc. The Training Director can tell you who you need to talk to.

If you have any questions about this process, contact the Training Director.